Water Mitigation

Restoring your home or business after flooding.

Water mitigation is designed to reduce property loss after a flood, burst pipe, or other unexpected disaster. Because every property is unique, the water mitigation service must be tailored to the specific home or business. Timberland Roofing offers expert water mitigation in Mt. Juliet that minimizes property loss and aims to restore function to your building.

The Water Mitigation Process

Experiencing a water-related disaster is stressful, scary, and turns your world upside down. At Timberland Roofing, we design our water mitigation to be simple for you and thorough in its results. Here is what you can expect from partnering with us.

The Initial Assessment

We begin by surveying the property. The most pressing concern is identifying the water source. In the case of a flood or burst pipe, this tends to be pretty evident. However, leaky plumbing, roofs, and windows can cause steady buildup that is still disastrous, but harder to locate the source of.

At this time, we also determine the level of water damage to the property and what contaminants are present.

Creating a Plan

Once we know what we are dealing with, we formulate a clear plan for drying, sanitizing, and repairing your Mt. Juliet home. This water mitigation plan will be tailored to the materials in your home, as well as any contaminants present in the water.

Eliminating Standing Water

If there is still standing water inside the building, it will be removed. Depending on how much water is present, this could be done with pumps or just squeegees.

Drying Out

Once standing water is removed, the house needs to be fully dried—the air included. Typically, we use dehumidifiers and industrial dryers and blowers to remove the moisture and help create a healthy base for restoration efforts.


Water damage often brings bacteria, viruses, and parasites into the home. It also creates an excellent environment for mold growth. Once the property is fully dry, we sanitize it from top to bottom, including the items still inside.


Once sanitization is complete, it is time to move on to restoration. Structural damage and aesthetic concerns both need to be addressed. Timberland Roofing can assist with this water damage restoration process in your Mt. Juliet home by working with the roofing and support structures, as well as the windows.