Roof Replacement

We have your Mt. Juliet home or business covered.

We understand how overwhelming the prospect of replacing your roof can be. However, the time comes for every home or business to have its roof replaced.

On average, homes need a new roof every 25 years, while most commercial buildings need replacement every 15. Timberland Roofing in Mt. Juliet structures our roof replacement service to minimize the disruption you experience and reduce your burden by working directly with your insurance provider.

The Timberland Roof Replacement Process

If you have never had your roof replaced before, it’s easy to be intimidated by the unknown. Rather than entering the process blind, we want you to be informed and empowered. Our roof replacement service offered to those in Mt. Juliet can be broken down into seven steps.


Our services are designed to safeguard the integrity of your home, and everything in it. With residential roofs, even a small amount of damage can cause lasting harm to your property. Most homes will need roof repair about every 3-5 years. However, certain events can speed up this timeline, such as a severe storm or nearby fire. As soon as you notice signs of a roofing problem, contact Timberland Roofing in Mt. Juliet for a roof inspection and repair.

Mt. Juliet Roof Replacement


Once we come to an agreement on roof replacement, it is time to plan the new roof. This means selecting the materials you want for your roof and whether partial or full replacement is preferred. Our roofing experts are happy to guide you in your selections.

Mt. Juliet Roof Replacement

Removing the Old Roof

We can’t install the new roof until the old one is gone. This tends to be the lengthiest part of the process, as removal takes great care to avoid damaging other structures. Our team can remove the roof all at once or in sections. We eliminate everything down to the plywood.

Mt. Juliet Roof Replacement

Inspecting the Support Structures

With the old roof gone, we will finally be able to view the framing. Holes and rot in the boards will be documented, and we will discuss our findings with you. Any damaged wood will need to be replaced.

Mt. Juliet Roof Replacement

Installing Moisture Barriers

If the framing is in good shape, it’s time to install the underlayment. This is the moisture barrier of your roof—essentially the final line of defense between rain and your support structures. We also add flashing at this time to further waterproof the roof.

Mt. Juliet Residential Roof Replacement

Placing the New Roof

At this point, your roofing material of choice is installed by our team in Mt. Juliet. This is often the fastest step, as we are able to lay shingles quickly.

Mt. Juliet Roof Replacement

Wrapping Up

Once the shingles are in place, we focus on the smaller details, such as ridge vents and gutters. Before we leave, we fully clean the job site, ensuring no dangerous debris is left behind.

Mt. Juliet Roof Replacement