Roof Repair

Protecting homes and businesses.

Properly built roofs are designed to last, standing up to the elements and the many surprises Mt. Juliet weather delivers. However, even the best roof can sustain damage from storms, debris, and the process of aging.

Roof repair is key to keeping your Mt. Juliet home or business safe and healthy and extends the life of your roof for as long as possible. When you seek roof repair in a timely manner, it can reduce the associated costs and help you avoid roof replacement. As soon as you think your roof might need storm or leak damage restoration, contact Timberland Roofing in Mt. Juliet for assistance.

Signs You Need Roof Repair

Water Marks and Damp patches

While moisture can enter your building from other locations, the roof is the most likely culprit. If you see watermarks or damp patches, even if they aren’t on the ceiling, you could have a roof leak.

Mold and

Both of these thrive in damp environments, which means if they are present, so is excess moisture. While your roof may not be the source, you want to rule it out as soon as possible.

Light at the

When the roof and the supporting walls are properly connected, no outside light should enter along the roofline. If it is, even if all you see is the smallest pinpoint of sunlight, there is likely significant damage.

Loose or Missing Shingles

Shingles are meant to sit flush against the roof. When they are moving, crooked, or missing altogether, the underlying structures lack the protection they need against precipitation.


While different types of roofs will have different slopes, sagging should never occur. If you notice that the ridgeline or roof itself is sagging inward, this is a dangerous situation and you should call our team in Mt. Juliet for an emergency roof repair assessment.

Loose Flashing

All roofs should have at least one object, such as a vent, that runs through the structure itself. Flashing is placed around these objects to waterproof them. If the flashing comes loose, water damage will occur.


The lifespan of your roof depends on many factors. However, most will last somewhere in the range of 10-25 years. If your roof is near or past its average lifespan, there is a strong chance that repair is needed.

Our Roof Repair Services

Timberland Roofing offers a comprehensive slate of roof repair services to the Mt. Juliet area. Whatever issue your roof encounters, we are confident we can deliver the fix it needs. We offer, but are not limited to, the following residential and commercial roofing repairs:

Storm damage repair

Shingle repair

Roof membrane repair

Modified bitumen repair

General leak repair

Support structure repair

Flashing repair

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