Gutter Guards

Keeping your Mt. Juliet gutters debris free.

For most homeowners, the gutters aren’t something you think about all that often—except when things go wrong. And the number-one issue with Mt. Juliet gutters is a clogged system.

Whether due to leaves, sticks, or even critters building nests, gutter clogs can create serious problems. Timberland Roofing offers Shur Flo gutter guard protection system to Mt. Juliet residents. Designed to fit along your existing roofing and over any gutters—including our seamless systems—they keep debris on top while letting water flow through.

Benefits of Gutter Guards

The biggest and most obvious benefit of gutter guards is preventing debris from entering the system and stopping water from flowing. However, this is far from the only benefit of installing the Shur Flo system.

More Time and Money

Gutters clogged with debris need to be cleaned, which means you need to spend your free time or your money getting them taken care of. With Shur Flo, you can kiss the days of gutter cleaning goodbye.

Fewer Critters

Don’t worry; you can still watch the Tennessee wildlife in your backyard. They just won’t be calling your gutters home anymore. And keep in mind, this isn’t just the cute little guys; mosquitos and mice also love to hole up in gutters.

Better Winters

Mt. Juliet tends to have cold winters, and if water is trapped inside your gutters, it will freeze. This blocks the gutters and also weighs the system down, placing stress on the gutters and roof.

Fire Protection

Dry leaves and other debris inside your gutters is a real fire hazard. All it takes is one spark from a wildfire or bonfire and you can quickly have a raging inferno. Gutter guards prevent fire hazards from developing.

Our Mt. Juliet Gutter Guard Service

Getting the Shur Flo gutter guard system in Mt. Juliet is a simple process. All you need to get started is to give us a call. Here is what you can expect from Timberland Roofing.

Creating the Quote

We will send one of our gutter technicians to your home to examine your gutter system. If you want to replace your gutters as well, they will start from scratch. During this appointment, we measure the gutters or house and then draw up a detailed quote for guards or a new gutter system plus guards.

Scheduling Service

Once you are ready to move forward, we will schedule your service. For most homes getting guards alone, the process will take one day. For those replacing their gutters as well, it may take 2-3, depending on the size of the house.

Getting to Work

We will arrive at your home ready to get straight to work. We focus on getting the job done quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to your life at home. As soon as we are done, we clean up the job site, leaving it tidy and safe.

Assessing the Job

The only approval that matters when it comes to a job well done is yours. Before we go, we will explain all aspects of your gutter guards and system and make certain our work exceeds your expectations. If it doesn’t, we work until it does.