Commercial Roofing

Helping your Mt. Juliet business be its best.

Your commercial roof plays important roles in your Mt. Juliet business. From protecting customers and merchandise to supporting air conditioning and heating units, you rely on it for a lot. Our commercial roofing service aims to protect your Mt. Juliet-based business and its reputation through top-notch installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Commercial Roof Installation

Commercial roofing is highly complex when compared to residential construction. It often must cover a significant amount of space, manage precipitation despite being flat, and offer the right load-bearing capacity for industrial needs. This isn’t a job to hand off to a general contracting team, or even residential roofing experts.

Our team of commercial roofing installation technicians in Mt. Juliet are up-to-date on code compliance and trained to work with commercial roofs of all types. We have access to industrial-grade materials and the proper tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Roof Repair

Most commercial buildings will need roof repair at least once a year. This is significantly more often than residential roofs, but when you consider the larger surface area and the weight commercial roofs carry, it makes sense.

Damage to your commercial roof is worrying, as it can lead to problems with the support structures and compromise the safety of customers and employees. As soon as you see signs of a problem, contact Timberland in Mt. Juliet for commercial roof repair.

Commercial Roof Replacement

There is no set lifespan for a commercial roof. The materials used, the quality of its construction, and how stringent you have been with maintenance will all impact how many years you have before replacement.

In most cases, commercial roofs last in the range of 10-20 years. At Timberland Roofing, we structure our commercial roof replacement service so it is conducive to your Mt. Juliet business and interface directly with your insurance company, reducing your stress.

Signs Your Commercial Roof Has a Problem

With commercial roofs, it isn’t always easy to notice a problem until significant damage has occurred. This is why regular maintenance, at least once per year, is essential. If you notice any of the following, call Timberland Roofing immediately.

Water Damage

Watermarks, mildew, and damp patches all indicate water damage has occurred. Water should never enter your building, even at the windows or skylights.

Mold and Moss

These both grow when excess moisture gives them an environment to thrive in. Whether seen inside or outside your building, they signal a roofing problem.

Light Along the Roofline

When light shines into your building at the roofline, it indicates the roof is pulling away from the supporting walls.


Commercial roofs typically have a slight slope to allow for water control. However, they should never sag inward.

Loose Flashing

If the material around your vents is coming loose, it means water can enter your building


If your roof is nearing the end of the average commercial roof lifespan, you will likely need replacement soon.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

With commercial roofing, a proactive approach isn’t just recommended; it is often required by insurance carriers and local law. Our commercial roof maintenance service offered in the Mt. Juliet area can be scheduled as frequently as you need and customized based on your goals and budget. 

Our service includes:

Visual inspection of all roofing components

Removal of debris, nests, and other items

A thorough cleaning

A comprehensive report supported by photographic evidence

A detailed explanation of any repairs needed

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